James Haidak: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About the New England Patriots

James Haidak: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About the New England Patriots

April 9, 2021 James Haidak 0

James Haidak: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About the New England Patriots

Like James Haidak, you may be a fan of Boston’s celebrated football team, the New England Patriots. As they’ve been around for decades, however, chances are there’s a lot you don’t know about them.

With that in mind, James Haidak is happy to present 5 fascinating facts about the New England Patriots

1. They were originally called a different name

The New England Patriots weren’t always the New England Patriots. When the team was founded 1959 as part of the American Football League (AFL), they were known as the Boston Patriots.

2. Boston had other professional football teams before them

Before the Boston Patriots, there were the short-lived Boston Bulldogs, who formed in 1929 but disbanded the same year. The Boston Redskins came about in 1932 but were then transferred to Washington D.C. five years later.

3. They were almost the “Bay State Patriots”

In 1971, the Boston Patriots would’ve been renamed the “Bay State Patriots” when there were talks of transferring the team to Foxborough, Massachusetts. To James Haidak’s relief, this never fell through. The reason? Critics smartly pointed out that the name, when abbreviated, would be read as “B.S. Patriots.”

4. Their first pre-season was a success

Barely a year following the Boston Patriots’ creation, they were victorious in their very first AFL pre-season game, scoring 28-7 against the Buffalo Bills on July 30, 1960.

5. They almost moved out of Bay State twice

Out-of-state investors wanted the New England Patriots to move to St. Louis, Missouri in 1992 and to Hartford, Connecticut in 1998. Billionaire and current team CEO Robert Kraft intervened in both cases, and thus they remain in Boston to this day.

There are many more stories about the New England Patriots to discover; just ask any fan and they’d likely happily regale you with their favorites. Expect more details about the team on James Haidak’s blog.

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