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James Haidak All About Sports

James Haidak loves all kinds of sports but if you were to ask him to name his favorite, he’d say he can’t pick just one because he’s got three all-time favorites: baseball, basketball, and football. Ever the true sports fan, he’d go on to mention his favorite teams and defend his choices to anyone who would dare question him. Of course, he would also brag about the accomplishments of each of his favorite teams, as is customary for any true-blue fan.

If you are a huge sports fan like James, you’d be pleased to know that this site is dedicated to all things sports, and especially his all-time favorites. The reader can expect to find posts mostly dedicated to:

  • The Boston Red Sox
  • The Boston Celtics, and
  • The New England Patriots

From blow-by-blow accounts of the latest games to recaps and game highlights, best players, history of the games and the teams, and more, James Haidak will be sharing all these and more for the enjoyment of every newbie and long-time fan.

Share your thoughts

There’s nothing more exciting than connecting with fellow fans, so if you are a huge Boston Red Sox, Boston Celtics, or New England Patriots fan, feel free to share your thoughts! James intends to create a community of like-minded individuals bonded by their love for sports.

Disclaimer: Please keep comments and posts positive. James wishes this site to be one that encourages and uplifts people. There’s already too much hate and negativity in the world, he says; let’s make this a community that supports and respects similarities and differences.

For more on the Boston Red Sox, Boston Celtics, and the New England Patriots, please visit the blog page. Stay tuned to James Haidak site to read the latest news and updates on your favorite teams.